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About Us

One of the things that brought us together and kept our friendship strong over the years is our shared love for music. We have been collecting music our whole lives and are always looking to make our respective audio system better. When we first heard about Denafrips, we immediately shared that new finding. When we first heard the Denafrips Ares II R2R DAC in real life, we knew that it was special. The sound that it produced was just so beautiful it made us want to keep exploring and testing more of Denafrips’ audio components. The audiophiles among us, know that feeling very well. That is how our journey with Denafrips began and we are proud to be an official partner and an authorized distributor of Denafrips and the audio components we love so much and that enrich our lives every day in more ways than we can describe with words.

About Denafrips

Denafrips is an up-and-coming audio component manufacturer known for several award-winning DACs, DDCs and other audio components that are already making waves among the international audiophile community. Denafrips focuses on producing exceptionally high price-performance ratio audio components that deliver superb sound quality without compromising on parts and build quality. Denafrips audio components are built to last.

Sound Quality

Our sound laboratory is equipped with various audio analyzers including the world-class Audio Analyzer AP525. Each audio component we build goes through a comprehensive series of sound tests and quality control procedures performed by certified engineers. Before shipping out, every product must complete a mandatory minimum 100-hours factory burn-in.