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USB 2.0 Cable

Denafrips DAC USB receiver is powered by its internal regulated, low noise, low ripple, high speed linear power supply. However, it needs the USB cable to supply the +5vdc as a logic signal to trigger the internal power supply to the USB receiver. This design is intentional for best sound quality consideration. Please use a good quality USB 2.0 Type A/B cable less than or equal to <= 6ft/2m length for best results.

I²S Connection

I²S has no industry standard. If you would like to use the I²S connection, the I²S pinout matching with the source (DDC/Transport/Streamer) and DAC has to be configured correctly. Mismatch of I²S pinout may result in static/noise output. The excessive noise output level may damage the loudspeakers/headphone drivers.

Suggestion For I²S Matching With The Source, i.e. DDC/Transport/Streamer
  1. Connect the I²S cable (good quality HDMI cable <3ft/1m)
  2. Turn down the volume (audible, minimal)
  3. Play a familiar music (PCM first, followed by DSD)
  4. Run through the I²S setting of the DAC, 000-111
  5. One of the modes should match with the source for both PCM and DSD playback.

It’s recommended to go through the Audio Tone Test to make sure the L/R channel, in phase/out of phase correctness.


Please note that the RJ45/HDMI ports of DENAFRIPS DDC/DAC are not typical network/multimedia RJ45/HDMI ports. They are purpose-built I²S ports. Please do not connect it to the typical multimedia HDMI port (i.e. Bluray player/TV etc) / Ethernet network.